The R&D Club of NIT Trichy

Spider Inductions

We would be inducting new students sometime in the initial few weeks of the next semester.

We are looking for students who are enthusiastic and show commitment, more than everything else. Of course, we do expect you to know stuff too. 😉

You can choose any of the following profiles. You can, of course, choose more than one profile too. (Note that these requirements may change/modify any time.)

1. Development:

  • C++ Projects
  • Android Apps Development
  • Web Development

2. Coding:

  • SpiCode

3. Electronics:

  • Electronics Projects

4. Talks:
Yeah, we are also looking out for technically sound students who are good at explaining/teaching stuff for Spider Talks.

5. Miscellaneous:
As we are a technical club, we are open for all kinds of candidates. But, we do not have any project plan for non-Compsci/non-Electrical departments yet. If you strongly feel that you can contribute to other kinds of projects, you can always try to convince us about it.

So what should you do ?
We would be putting up more details of our projects soon. Show us that you can work on our project. Show some enthusiasm.

We do not want you to spend your holidays on this alone, but we expect some level of commitment from students before we induct them. You can also take this as a chance to improve your skills over the holidays.

You can always contact us at spider@nitt.edu for more details.


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