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Augmented Reality — Are we creating one or are we already in one! ~ KVR

As a kid, I was fond of ants. Come the slightest smell of sugar, I saw a mammoth and miniaturized flurry of ant soldiers taking positions strategically and attacking the spot with a well set plan. They create such beautiful formations which reminded me of the structure of crystals, our solar system and galaxies.

But as soon as place my finger and obstruct the flow of this army, chaos took over and the patterns disappeared. Now, I went one step ahead and guided the ant army into a bottle filled with sugar crystals. What I saw after that was just incredible. I was able to control the ants’ reality. I designed their world and I became its creator. I effectively became their ‘GOD’ who could alter their reality and their perspectives instantly. I was able to change the way they saw their world. They behaved so very differently based on their surroundings and I was able to make them whatever I intended to.

Then something struck my mind which is still mind-boggling. Are we such ants put under a simulation by a cosmic creator. Are we under a virtual reality of space and time? Is our earth nothing but an organic computer programmed by the ultimate coder? And what if there is a run-time error in the same?

Could there be multiple realities? And what if our reality suddenly changes like it happened to the ant colony? There are lot more questions to ask but the reply is always going to be a smile and utter silence. We know ‘HOW’ things happen.Only our cosmic creator knows ‘WHY’ they happen that way.

One last important question. Ask yourself; How different are we from that colony of ants? Not much right! Exactly.

Now, we are jumping into augmented reality especially through gaming.Now, we have platforms which we couldn’t differentiate from our real world. There are already lot of people who spend more time in this virtual reality. Their perspectives and views about everything is so very different from ours.

We are starting to simulate our lives the way we want it. Sooner or later, we would be able to control every bit of it and there would be no difference between our simulated world and our real world. Time, space and age would have an entirely new meaning. The very nature of human life would change. Our goals, motives, the way we live, our behavior, our perspectives and every single thing about us will change.

The catch however is that we are the ones who control our new world. So, we will effectively become gods of our own reality and that day is not too far away.

I’m sure that fine day can open up the answers for all those questions above for we would be the creators of our own worlds. And I can’t stop waiting for that day!


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